VoIP Services

services-voipVoice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is increasingly becoming popular in the business world. Voice over IP allows its user to make calls using the broadband internet. These calls can be made anywhere and because they are routed via the internet instead of the public switched telephone network, the cost is greatly reduced. Because of this Voice over IP is also known as IP telephony or broadband telephony.

Voice over IP has transformed the ways in which businesses and individuals communicate. Not only calls can be made at minimal prices, companies can even gain benefit from the added services this technology offers.  These include call blocking, this particularly helpful for companies to stay away from unwanted spam or calls. Voice over IP providers also offer call waiting, call transfer and three-way calling. In some cases conference calling can be done with more than three users. This is very helpful in scenarios where the input of multiple employees on a team need to be considered at the same time. People can talk simultaneously and exchange views.

Calls made via Voice over Internet Protocol can have a high quality. This is because voice is divided into packets and then recollected at the end of the called party. If the internet connection has a high bandwidth then the quality of the call will also increase. This flexibility of fineness of a call is not possible with public switched telephone network.Voip

Furthermore, video calling is also possible through Voice over IP. This facility was unheard of with the traditional telephone. Such benefits have caused Voice over IP to be used at even a personal level. Relatives can video call online and see their loved ones from far away as long as both parties have a working internet connection. From a business perspective, if a manager is away on business or leisure activity he can still conduct meeting by video calling his entire team. Important decisions and points can still be put forward. This gives a lot of mobility to a company’s employees.

Voice over IP can also be used to set up toll free lines, similar to a call centre. A company can answer queries of its customers around the clock with minimal rates. Auto-attendant capabilities are also provided because of Voice over IP. Moreover, instant text messaging is provided free of charge. Companies may charge extra if calls have to be made over the public switched telephone network. The flexibility of this option makes it easier to use the same platform to connect anywhere.

Added services include retrieving fax online via an e-mail address. Call history can also be checked through web access. Additionally, Voice over Internet Protocol also allows voice messaging or voice notes.

Voice over Internet Protocol is becoming more global due its many advantages. It offers way more services than the public switched telephone network. It allows users to talk to people from any part of the world. It has become an easy way to make calls and share multimedia.